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Tuscany, that’s Italy before and after entering the modern world. Trains form the backbone of Italy's infrastructure and are the sure way to get around. But if you're feeling free-spirited and at least a little adventurous, rent a classic Vespa and explore Tuscany on your own terms. Otherwise, be sure to plan ahead.


The whole region is well connected, with a main center in Florence and the prices are friendly. You can carry your bike on the train, but ask before and purchase a special ticket. Find out more here.


Many smaller towns and villages are not accessible by train because they are on a hilltop. Take a local bus to reach your destination. However be aware of possible delays between your train and a bus connection. Find your connection here.


Italy's coast and islands are well connected by ferry rides. Find your domestic or international ship ride at You can visit Croatia, Sardinia or Sicily, however big ferries are banned from entering Venice.

Public Transportation

Like many other European countries, Italy relies massively on public transport.

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