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Hike up Monte Subasio

The Monte Subasio peak

If you love to hike, you’ll adore the Monte Subasio peak. The view is beyond amazing and the air is crisp and clean. You will walk thru the forest of oak trees and pine trees that offer a welcome retreat and shadow. The mountainside is thickly wooded with oak, hornbeam, chestnut, and pine trees. A path that follows a stream leads up the hillside to some springs and small waterfalls.

The Monte Subasio peak, at 1282 meters high, is easily accessible both by car (there is a large parking lot) and by bus. But it is also the ideal point for hikes. If you are a hiker, start from the old town within a walking distance of 2 hours.

The medieval town of Assisi

The little town of Assisi sits atop a hill overlooking the Umbrian countryside. You can explore stunning local sights. The main attractions of Assisi are religious: the Basilica di San Francesco, with its many frescoes by Giotto and Cimabue, and Franciscan sites such as La Porziuncola, the Rocca Minore and other fortifications on Mount Subasio, Roman remains, numerous churches and monasteries. If you get tired of tourists, there is always a way to escape into nature on one of the many trails.

The Monte Subasio Park

The park of Monte Subasio is a protected area that includes the mountain peak of the same name and extends to the entire territory of Assisi, Perugia and Spello. There are lots of ways to explore the park. There are different paths, among mountains and woods, which will take you to hamlets or monasteries. You can hike or ride a mountain bike through the green hills. 

The park is in an area that was inhabited since remote times. The archaeological finds that have been found in this terrain are proof of it: a necropolis from the Etruscan-Roman period, a Roman villa and a great number of other finds from the same period.