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Hunting in Tuscany

Trophy hunting, for all its controversy and criticism, is a longstanding tradition with a history dating back to the earliest days of human civilization. Italy has an incredibly varied landscape, ranging from the Alps, the highest mountains in Europe, to Tuscan hills and Mediterranean rocky coastline; each of these regions offers outstanding hunting experiences suitable to different kinds of passionate hunters. Tuscany is undoubtedly an ideal place for a hunting holiday. The regional areas of Siena and Grosseto are particularly popular among the hunters.

The range of game animals

Hunting in Italy offers some of the best opportunities in the continent for all the main European big game animals. Tuscany is known for its wild boar, roe deer, fallow deer, mouflon and hares, which are all game species in this region. The abundance of game animals in Tuscany ensures that anyone who wants to hunt here will find what they desire. And, at the end of the day’s hunt, you can enjoy a delicious meal with local specialties and fine wines.

Hunting season

It is considered that the main hunting (caccia) season in Italy is from September to February for most animals and until March for migratory birds. In fact, hunting in Italy is open all year long, with different seasons for each animal. Chamois and Red Stag hunt run from September to December, roe deer hunt in Tuscany and Central Italy are open during summer from June to September and wild boar hunt is possible all year long. 

The legitimacy of hunting

Hunting is legal in Italy and there are around 800,000 registered hunters. Hunting license applications are issued through the hunting department of the provincial administration office (Amministrazione Provinciale). A gun hunter in Italy must have the right to own a gun (porto d’arma) and hold a hunting license. The license is valid for six years. However, for the first twelve months, hunting is only allowed in the presence of another hunter who has had a hunting license for a minimum of three years and is free from any offense.